Recent Closings - Triple Net 1031 Exchange Deals

We are pleased to announce the following recent closings: NNN Florida Walgreens: $8,662,371 - Sourced off-market deal through developer and broker network. Record setting cap rate of 4.85%. All cash transaction with 1031 exchange buyer.

Triple Net CVS: $6,450,000 - Low leverage 1031 exchange buyer. 24 years left on absolute net lease - 5.32% cap rate. Solid midwest location.

Net Leased Dollar General: ~ $1MM - high cap rate deal 8%+ with 7+ years on NN lease. Growing SE US location.

For more details or help on your NNN 1031 exchange, give us a ring at 1-866-539-1777.

CVS NNN For Sale

9+ ways to reuse and redevelop a former gas station

There are lots of ways to approach gas station redevelopment and there are lots of examples of gas station reuse.The two primary things we look at when looking to redo a gas station are:

  1. environmental risk: were  there any leaks, are the tanks still there, what type of tanks and equipment is in existence?
  2. The lot size: many former gas stations are on small lots ranging from .15 to .5 acre. Many of these lots are too small to do much with at all. 

For environmental checks we do a quick search, Phase I or Phase II. The results of these reports determine the risk and next steps. Highly desirable sites can have higher environmental risk that can be dealt with due to the extra dollars in the deal. Sites that are not as desirable and have enviro risk are harder to deal with unless the seller can kick in more than a few bucks or unless the state/Feds have dollars available for remediation. 

Small sites are predicated on the lot size, building footprint and zoning. What can be built? Is there enough parking? What is the current highest and best use for the site. These are physical and legal limitations. 

Ideal sites for gas station reuse and redevelopment have:

  • Over .5 acres of land
  • Lighted intersection
  • High traffic counts
  • No or low enviro issues

As for what use to put there, the market will dictate. What were previous gas sales at the location? Are there other newer gas stations nearby? What are the day and night traffic patterns? Is there a better use altogether like fast food, coffee, retail or even mixed use?

Here are examples of gas station reuse and redevelopment:

  • Another gas station (duh)
  • Cafe or diner
  • Sandwich shop
  • Retail
  • art gallery
  • Visitors center
  • Fast food
  • Scrape: drug store, fast food, banks, residential 
  • Maybe nothing. Some sites just can't be reused

If you have a gas station and are in need of gas station reuse or redevelopment advice or want to sell it, give us a ring at 1-866-538-1777 or email us. 

We can and would love to help with your former gas station. 

Take Ten - Salon Building in MS - Sell My Commercial Property Review

Here is our quick "take ten" (minute) review of a “sell my commercial property” request on a salon building in MS this week. (One of about 150-300 we receive each month.) Unfortunately, we have to pass on this opportunity.

However, there is opportunity for someone and here is where it lies: - buy the business and real estate as it has been a salon for 24 years. - area is projected to have 27% future job growth - local person could convert to a nice house. See house on corner nearby (image below) - could turn into a small income property. 95,000 ask price with a $791 per month net rent could be a 10% cap rate for someone.

If you have interest in this MS commercial property for sale, please contact us at 1-866-539-1777 and we can get you in touch with the owner/broker.

We are passing because: - tucked in physical location blocked by neighboring building (see image below) - location off of main drag - 31.0% of the population are below the poverty line, including 43.7% of those under the age of 18 and 21.3% of those 65 and older. - home prices are 45k to 75k nearby; owner is asking $95k on this deal. No noticeable upside for the extra price. - Population in 2014: 12,703 (96% urban, 4% rural). Population change since 2000: -4.8% more - crime index 409; US average 297

We are happy to review your property for free, call us or go here.



How 5 Former Auto Parts Stores have been Reused and Redeveloped


We love seeing how other property owners and developers are reusing buildings built for one thing and turning them into another. Auto parts stores are fairly easy to reuse due to their (usually) square or rectangle footprint, good street visibility and ample parking. At the end of the day though, not anything will succeed in these locations. It is best to do a market analysis of what types of businesses are in demand for a specific location. (Hint: we can help you with that)

Here are five reuses and redevelopments of former auto parts stores from around the country:

Transforming an auto parts store into a fine wine destination

Hammonton, NJ

NJ Winebar former auto parts

The classy but casual wine bar/restaurant, open seven years, is located in a former auto parts store. Instead of spark plugs and wiper fluid, there are hundreds of wine bottles -- reds on one side, whites on the other.

"It was a risky move, but it was advantageous because there wasn't anything like this here,'' said Jacki Dolan, who owns Annata with her brothers, Matt and Phillip.

Auto Parts Store converted to Medical Offices

Albuquerque, NM


Top Molina officials were in Albuquerque Thursday to celebrate the opening of the company’s 7,000-square-foot clinic on Central Avenue in the heart of the city’s International District. The clinic, housed in a former auto parts store, will eventually have three doctors who will be able to see 75 to 90 patients a day.

Former Auto Parts Store turn into Apartments

Chicago, IL

bluestar auto

The property that was once the famed Cullerton Hotel and then later the Blue Star Auto Parts store is ready to transition into a new use: apartments. Announced early last year, the plan has just received permits to begin major renovation work on the four story brick building at 2001 S State Street in the South Loop. Initially proposed to feature 25 rental units, the permit indicates that the development will actually have 22 apartments. Ground floor retail will also be a part of the plan, although the permit doesn't spell out exactly how much space there will be for commercial tenants.

Former Auto Parts Store and Auto Body Turned Music Venue

New Haven, Connecticut

Outside-Spaceland-Ballroom 720x540_zpsaqd9mdyf

The Spaceland Ballroom, a 300-person capacity music and arts venue.

The Space (since 2003) exists to build a safe, positive community for people of all ages through music and the arts. Physically, we are a listening room venue located in an unlikely industrial park in a sleepy suburb of New Haven, Connecticut. So we definitely have that whole mystery thing going for us. We’re somewhat small in venue size (150 capacity), but we house a whole lot of love and a whole lot of decorations. You can spend a few months mentally cataloging all the weird random things hanging from our walls and ceilings. We have a large stage that is the focal point of the room. We have a Vintage Boutique (The Attic) and 80s arcade upstairs. We also have a Cafe that serves awesome food and there is an expansive outdoor patio area that has comfortable seating. The Space is basically halfway between an underground arts collective and a sticky floor rock venue. There’s carpet, a checkered floor and a staff made of awesome people. There are velvet couches crazy lamps and over 50 different flavors of tea. There’s also rock and roll, folk, acoustic orchestras, independent film, SKA, experimental, indie shows, and more happening on our stage. We have hosted hundreds and hundreds of national, regional and local bands since we opened in early 2003. We are a venue run by musicians for musicians.

Auto Parts Store converted to Laundromat

Winooski, Vermont


The family started planning to open a laundromat four years ago, and it took almost a year and a half to find the perfect location, Chris Asanya said. Finally, they happened upon a former auto parts store that was being used for storage in Winooski and began to plan.

Do you own a former auto parts store or is there a vacant one in your neighborhood? Call us, we can help: 1-866-539-1777

How The Nation's Old Armories Are Being Repurposed And Redeveloped


They tend to be imposing structures. Built to contain ammunition, troops and sometimes even cavalry horses and equipment, military armories were made for a time when war could be just around the corner.

But times have changed; the military’s mission is not what it was, and units are smaller.

So when the armed forces move to more cost-effective spaces, what happens to the old armories?

The answer is simple: repurpose the buildings into something else.

An armory might end up as an office complex, a farmers’ market, or even shops, restaurants and condos; all it takes is funding and some imaginative people with a plan.

An old armory that can pay for itself


When Peterborough, N.H. acquired the old Air National Guard armory in town, it didn’t anticipate the Guard taking, as a town official put it, “everything but the kitchen sink. And the kitchen sink wasn't even usable because it wasn't up to code."

Once fixed, the mandate came down: no new taxes for operating costs. So the town’s recreation director got creative; the drill hall is rented out for farmers’ and flea markets, the Recreation Department holds exercise classes there, and the town food pantry operates from there as well. The Cornucopia Project, which teaches young people about organic gardening, has space behind the armory and gives away the harvest through the food bank. Finally, after a fundraising campaign that raised $162,000, the town installed a commercial kitchen.

"We've lost a lot of opportunities here to generate income because we haven't had a commercial kitchen. Now we can lease out this facility and be sure that it's self-sustaining,"

-Select Board Chairman Barbara Miller

From bullets to books: the Armory at Sage


The armory in Albany, NY sat vacant—until a local college saw it and picked it up for the bargain price of $675,000. For a site that included 68,000 square feet of space on a three-acre site, it was a steal for Sage College.

Starting in 2012, the college renovated disused space into 21,000 square feet of seminar rooms, classrooms, a conference room, student lounge, and faculty offices. Phase 2 will be more classrooms and faculty offices, while Phase 3 will be the big project: turning the three-story-high “drill shed” into a multipurpose area that both the college and community can use.

“For nearly 90 years, the National Guard used this building to serve the Capital Region and our country. We are proud The Armory at Sage will continue that tradition, preparing our students to serve their community.”

-Sage College President Susan Scrimshaw

Keeping the bones, but revamping the interior: why the Culver Road Armory is a success

culver armory redevelopment

When the Culver Road Armory in Rochester, NY was decommissioned in 2012, buyers had a plan to make it relevant again: turn it into a mixed-use development with offices, shops and restaurants. To help pay for it, developers asked for and got a 20-year payment-in-lieu-of-tax agreement from the County of Monroe Industrial Development Agency, a $2 million loan from city nonprofit agency Rochester Economic Development Corp, and $450,000 in pre-development money from the city as well. The total cost: about $14 million.

The new Culver City Armory has been a success, Chris Stevens, the head of the local neighborhood association, told the local paper:

“It has become just a vibrant property, full of life. The architecture is beautiful.”

The facility has done so well that additional office space has been added behind the building, and a six-story, 10-condominium building is also in the works.

Repurposing an armory takes time, lots of money and dedication. But as Angela Miller, who is part of a group trying to turn the West Chester, Pa., armory into a theater said, “It’s such a unique opportunity to take this building and really recreate that community space.”

How to Find the best Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate For Sale

walgreens-2-1031Finding a good selection of Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for sale is not as easy as you might hope. Because there is no reliable central repository of commercial listings, the Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for sale in the market are typically spread across a number of different resources, only some of which are freely available to the public.

Internet Listings of Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for Sale

There are a few sites which present Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for sale as well as other commercial real estate listings. The two best known, Loopnet and Costar Exchange, are in the process of merging. Both allow just about anyone to post listings of Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for sale, as well as other property types. While Costar lets anyone search its database, Loopnet only gives full access to paying subscribers. The key problem with these sites is that many of the best Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for sale never make it on to them.

Principal Listings of Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for Sale

Many principals, whether they are owners or developers, list their own Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for sale on their websites. CrestNetLease and Kimco Realty are two such ownership groups that do this, and Bencor Development is an example of a developer that posts its Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for sale right online. Although direct principal to principal marketing can yield you access to inventory, it is a great real of work to visit each of these sites. In addition, because you do not have an expert guiding you, you may not know which of the Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for sale that you see are good deals and which are not.

Hire A Professional Broker to Bring You Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for Sale

The easiest way to find Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for sale is also the best way. Instead of spending your time to scour the Internet to find just a small subset of the Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for sale out there, hire a broker and let him do the work for you. Your broker should have not only a strong knowledge of all of the places to look for Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for sale, but should also have insider access to listings that you may not be able to see. In addition, he should be able to guide you to not only good Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for sale, but to the best Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for sale for you and your specific needs. In addition, because most sellers will pay your broker’s commission, the service and guidance that he brings you should not even cost you anything.

{ Article: How to Choose the Best Triple Net Broker }

Buy a Walgreens Property

Or call Thomas Morgan, CCIM, a Walgreens NNN Broker, at 1-866-539-1777

Understanding Real Estate Due Diligence


There are many aspects associated with commercial real estate that can be confusing to new buyers or even escape those investors who should be savvy shoppers. When it comes to real estate due diligence, the subject is broad and often complex. Because of this, it makes sense to use a real estate due diligence expert when making a purchase.

What is Real Estate Due Diligence?

When an offer is made on a piece of property by a potential buyer and accepted by the seller, a contract is created. The contract allows the buyer to control the property while getting a “free look” to make sure the property is what they want.

In basic terms, due diligence is the process that a buyer and his advisors can use to obtain more information about the property. If the real estate due diligence uncovers concerns that were undisclosed or unknown, a buyer can legally terminate the contract and choose to not purchase the property without repercussions or penalties.

Use an Expert

While it is always best for a seller to disclose as much information about a property as possible, the buyer is ultimately responsible for completing the real estate due diligence and bears the risk of any problems that come along with a property.

Because there are so many aspects to consider, most buyers are unable to complete the due diligence process adequately without the help of a professional. A real estate due diligence expert knows what problems to look for in various types of properties and can save the buyer time, money and trouble when examining a property for potential problems.

Tools Your Due Diligence Expert Offers

Because there are so many aspects to consider, your real estate due diligence expert will probably use a real estate due diligence checklist. For residential properties, this real estate due diligence checklist can include tasks such as checking for lead, asbestos and mold. A good due diligence expert will also check property lines and access, water rights and the structural integrity of the building in addition to zoning, use and construction quality.

Do your homework! It is easier to get into a problem property than out!

Image of business contract on background of two employees handsh

Top 5 Reasons to Obtain a Land Survey


Guest Post by Will Schnier, P.E., President of BIG RED DOG Engineering | Consulting Land SurveyThere are many reasons why somebody purchasing property would want to obtain the necessary survey products. For this discussion, at a minimum, I recommend that you should always obtain a current title survey, based on a title commitment less than 30-days old. A title survey will include information regarding property lines, location of improvements, easements, utilities and other conditions affecting the property.

I would also suggest that you consider obtaining a full tree, topography, and boundary survey in addition to the title survey if it’s appropriate for your purchase and project/investment intentions. The tree, topography, and boundary survey is also referred to as a design survey, and may be used by an engineer or architect to develop site development and building plans.


My top five reasons for you to obtain a survey are as follows:

1.) Know what you’re buying – the survey will identify the exact limits of the property boundary and improvements on the property.

Real estate can have title and boundary disputes (unfortunately it’s more common than you’d expect), which a title survey would help to uncover. Furthermore, relying upon tax district information on the lot or building size, or seller furnished documentation can be a recipe for expensive trouble without proper due diligence.

2.) Discover the presence and exact location of any easements, restrictions, or other encumbrances that may be imposed upon the property.

You may look out on a piece of property and see a green field, or a paved parking lot, and simply assume that that land is available for you to develop easily. How does that change if there are drainage or utility easements in that location? You may still be able to develop, yes, but your cost just went up a lot more than the cost of the survey.

Or suppose, you’re out in the county, not under the jurisdiction of a municipality that can impose zoning and land use restrictions. So you can build what you want right? What if a former owner of the property restricted its use, in an effort to promote a certain type of community? That 10-acre tract you intended to use for your commercial construction business may not be feasible if there is a deed restriction from 30 years ago limiting the use of the property to residential.

3.) If you’re spending significant money, it makes sense to an additional thousand or few thousand on a title and design survey.

Obtaining a title survey is an affordable way to obtain some more peace of mind with the transaction. Don’t be penny-wise and pound-foolish. You should do everything you can to protect the investment you’re making. A title survey could be as little as $1,000.

4.) The title and/or design survey can be used in the future to prepare drawings and exhibits, and to apply for building permits.

If you’re buying an office building for example, your prospective tenants may ask for a site plan showing the parking locations on the property – well now you have a survey you can supply them. Suppose again you want to apply for a minor building permit to expand the same office building - having a survey in hand will be a necessary step in that process.

5.) You can make the other guy pay!

All real estate contracts, residential or commercial, contain a clause specifically assigning the cost of the tile survey to either the buyer or the seller. Check the box next to the other guys name; this point is rarely an issue of significant contention during the negotiation process.


For more reading, I would encourage you to visit the BIG RED Blog.  On you blog you will find very useful information on the land subdivision and site development permitting process, and highlights of specific BIG RED DOG projects, such as our new downtown Austin hotel at 416 Congress Avenue.Survey

About Will Schnier, P.E.:

Will Schnier is the President of BIG RED DOG Engineering | Consulting. He has been responsible for the project management, engineering design, and regulatory permitting of numerous multifamily residential, retail, office, and industrial site development projects throughout central Texas. He can be reached by email at Will.Schnier(atsign) or by phone at (512) 669-5560.

About BIG RED DOG Engineering | Consulting:

BIG RED DOG is an Austin, Texas-based civil engineering firm specializing in land development engineering, permitting, and land use consulting. Our team of professional civil engineers and certified land planners has over 100-years of combined experience in the Austin and central Texas market. Our commercial project experience includes multi-family, hotel, office, industrial, retail, and single-family subdivision development projects throughout central Texas.

REuse Profile: Church converted to offices


A nice REuse project score this week from the twitterverse. A former church in Sparks (Reno) Nevada has been converted to office spaces. Saw this tweet from Linda @thebrokerlist

And the conversation went....

From the Reno-Gazette Journal:

It was built more than 110 years ago in Wadsworth as Emmanuel First Baptist. In 1904, it was moved to 1188 Victorian Plaza Circle in Sparks.

A complete remodel has spiffed up the antique interior and exterior and brought building systems up to code.

"Our goal was to use today's technology and keep the original look," the owner said in an email.

"Saving a little of 'Old Sparks' was very rewarding," he wrote.

What's your Wunderkammern?


This blog is mine. From Austin Kleon:

If you happened to be wealthy and educated and alive in 16th- and 17th-century Europe, it was fashionable to have a Wunderkammern, a “wonder chamber,” or a “cabinet of curiosities” in your house—a room filled with rare and remarkable objects that served as a kind of external display of your thirst for knowledge of the world. Inside a cabinet of curiosities you might find books, skeletons, jewels, shells, art, plants, minerals, taxidermy specimens, stones, or any other exotic artifact. These collections often juxtaposed both natural and human-made marvels, revealing a kind of mash-up of handiwork by both God and human beings.


JUST CLOSED: $5M Walgreens NNN 1031 Investment

We are pleased to announce the closing of a NNN Walgreens in Texas. The property was sold for $5,075,000 and had approximately 15 years left on a triple net lease. The cap rate at time of sale was 6.10%.

Thomas Morgan, CCIM represented the buyer who was a Trust from the NE U.S. and was in a 1031 Exchange. They buyer had sold management intensive multi family property and was moving to the net lease segment to minimize management responsibilities.

walgreens investmentUnder a tight 1031 timeframe Morgan evaluated several Walgreens nationally and submitted offers on multiple properties to assure successful completion of the 1031.

Isola Capital placed low leverage favorable long term financing for the buyer. Isola and Morgan have collaborated on many other NNN sales including Dollar Generals, 7-Eleven and O Reilly Auto.

The Seller was represented by SVN Kase Group.

For more information on this transaction or other 1031 NNN Investments, please contact Thomas at 1-866-539-1777.

Sell Your Commercial Property

Is your commercial property driving you crazy? Too much management? Not enough income? Do you need to sell your commercial property fast? Not sure what to do with your commercial property? Time to move on? Or... just need help selling your commercial property for the maximum value?

If you answered "yes" you are at the right place.

We are your national commercial property sales solution.

Sell My Commercial Property

We buy commercial property:

  • any location
  • any price
  • any condition
  • any situation
We love to buy:

  • commercial buildings
  • commercial land
  • apartment buildings
  • trailer parks

Andrus & Morgan works with commercial property ownersandrus_and_morgan_logo & only nationwide. We will buy your commercial property quickly for cash or help you figure out the best course of action.

NNN Drug Store Cap Rates and NNN Market Report

NET LEASE DRUG STORE REPORT RELEASED The Boulder Group has released The Net Lease Drug Store Report. The report provides comprehensive numbers and analysis of the net lease drug store property market.

Highlights of the report include:

  • Cap rates for Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid are at historic lows
  • The supply of CVS properties on the market increased by 64%
  • Drug store properties are commanding a 75 basis point premium over the retail net lease market

cap rate spreads

askign cap by lease term

The full report can be found here: Net Lease NNN Drugstore Report

Not All Walgreens NNN Investments Are Created Equal


On the surface, a Walgreens investment may look like all the other Walgreens. Au contraire mon frere!

Yes, the tenant credit is the same and the square footage is similar. However, there are many variables when comparing different Walgreens investments.

Everyday, we help our Walgreens 1031 clients evaluate and compare different NNN investment properties. Our clients are able to compare apples to apples due to our analysis and insights about which Walgreens NNN property most fits their criteria and investment goals.

Here is a quick list we did to help a Walgreens 1031 client do a side by side comparison of three Walgreens we made offers on. Note the additional data points in the list besides price, cap rate, rent amount etc.

Is the store open 24 hours? Does it have a drive thru? What about beer and liquor? How big is the lot? What are the reported store sales? What does the landlord have to take care of? (not all Walgreens are triple net!) How fast is the population growing? Is the area poor, wealthy or middle class?

Walgreens NNN Comparison

Which deal would you choose? Yes, cap rate plays a part in relation to lease term and price but what is the better investment considering the other factors?

We help our clients answer these questions.

On many deals we take it several steps further and drill down the data even more. Other data points we help clients consider when buying a Walgreens 1031 NNN property:

  • What are market rents compared to the contract rent? What can the building be leased for now and in the future?
  • What is the quality of construction? Brick? Block? Upgraded features?
  • What is the competitive environment? Where is the closest CVS or Rite Aid? What about another Walgreens?
  • What is the age demographic? Is the area full of young people who are healthy? Or does the area have an aging population that needs prescriptions filled?
  • What is the consumer spending potential? Is there underserved demand in the marketplace? Is it over supplied?

We answer all this and more, for you.

Not all Walgreens investments are created equal and neither are the people who sell them.

Make sure you have a Walgreens NNN investment advisor on your side.

Call us at 1-866-539-1777 or email us here for a free Walgreens 1031 or NNN property consultation.

25 Things My Clients Know

50 Things Your Customers Wish You Knew | Remarkable Communication One of my favorite posts floating around online about customer service is from Sonia Simone titled "50 things your customers wish you knew".

It is quite the opposite of what many business books teach and tout about mission statement, features and benefits etc.

The full list of 50 can be found here.  I left 25 or so that I know my commercial investment real estate clients certainly represent.  No insults intended; just a bit of psychotherapy.

Client speaking/thinking:

1.  I don’t need you to be perfect, but I do need to know I can rely on you.

2.  Telling me what you don’t know makes me trust you.

4.  You don’t need to do all that much to be a superhero. Just do exactly what you say you will do.

7.  I don’t mind spending the money, as long as I feel I’m getting real value.

8.  My life is really stressful. If you can reduce that stress, you become immensely valuable to me.

11.  My life is very complicated. If you make it easy for me to just buy a simple all-in-one package that I can use without learning anything, I’ll take it and be grateful. (I’ll even pay a premium for it.)

12.  I want to trust you, but it’s hard for me to trust anyone.

13.  Once you’ve won my trust and loyalty, the truth is you can screw up once in awhile and I will forgive you. If I don’t think you’re taking me for granted, that is.

15.  I spend an awful lot of time being scared to death.

16.  The wealthier I get, the more I like free stuff.

18.  I’m lousy at admitting I was wrong, but I respect you when you do it.

22.  Our relationship isn’t equal and it never will be.

24.  I don’t have any interest in your excuses. In fact, I usually don’t notice them at all, and if I do, they annoy me.

27.  I only like to communicate over the phone/Web/mail and I hate when you try to make me communicate with you over the mail/phone/Web.

28.  I want to buy your product, but I need you to help me justify it to myself.

29.  There’s something in my life I’m afraid of losing. If you can make me feel like you’ve protected it for me, my gratitude will be intense and eternal.

31.  I want you to do the hard work for me. Even better if I can get all the credit.

34.  I have the attention span of a goldfish. Go too long without contacting me and I’ll simply forget you exist.

35.  Money is no object when it comes to my obsessions.

38.  It infuriates me when you answer the phone while I’m talking with you face-to-face.

39.  Embarrassment scares me more than death.

46.  I want to tell you everything you need to know in order to sell to me, but I’m lazy. Make it easy enough and I will. (Especially if you flatter me a little.)

47.  I don’t know what I want most of the time. You need to figure it out for me.

48.  I mostly daydream about making life better for myself, but I’ll take action to keep from losing what’s mine.

49.  I believe that most of what’s wrong in my life is someone else’s fault. Let me keep that cozy illusion and I’ll believe anything you say.

50.  It really is all about me.

Yes, we are trained in business school to pitch ourselves and sell us and our product/service.   Really it is not about the product service, it is about the customer/client.

Change the perspective from me to you; or maybe keep it on me (meaning you).  Right?  Got it?

credit:  50 Things Your Customers Wish You Knew | Remarkable Communication.

Social Investing in Real Estate


All of my clients want to earn a reasonable rate of return on their passive real estate investments but more and more they also want to do something good if they can at the same time.  Enter Social Investing.  While real estate is not the norm in social investing there are several commercial real estate investments that provide safe, secure long term yield while at the same time doing something to help other people and/or the environment.  Here are a few of the investments my clients are considering when investing in commercial real estate in a socially Social Investmentand environmentally conscious way:

  • Green and LEED certified buildings
  • Historic Preservation and Rehabilitation
  • Community Investments such as non-profit tenanted buildings and conservation easements
  • Buildings with solar features, gray water systems and/or green roofs
  • EnergyStar certified buildings

Contact TMO for assistance in planning your next social investment in real estate. email or 1.866.539.1777

Here is some general info about Social Investing.

Social Investing Definitions:

•    Socially responsible investing, also known as socially-conscious or ethical investing, describes an investment strategy which seeks to maximize both financial return and social good. Source

•    Limiting one's investment alternatives to securities of firms whose products or actions are considered socially acceptable Source

•    Social investing is the deliberate effort to invest money in financial securities that reflect your personal social attitudes while avoiding financial securities that support things you disagree with. It can also reflect religious, political or environmental beliefs as well. Social investing stems from the philosophy that financial support of something is the same as endorsing it. Source

Contact TMO for assistance in planning your next social investment in real estate. email or 1.866.539.1777

Most Relevant Sites on Social Investing and Social Investments:

1. What Is Social Investing? Discusses Identification, Significance, Geography, Effects and Considerations of Social Investing.

2. Social Investing Business Ethics. The Magazine of corporate responsibility

3. Socially responsible investing (wikipedia) Wikipedia information about Social Investing

4. Social Investment Forum The Social Investment Forum (SIF) is the US membership association for professionals, firms, institutions and organizations engaged in socially responsible and sustainable investing. SIF and its members advance investment practices that consider environmental, social and corporate governance criteria to generate long-term competitive financial returns and positive societal impact.

Contact TMO for assistance in planning your next social investment in real estate. email or 1.866.539.1777

JUST CLOSED: $3.2M NNN 1031 Sleepy's Investment

We are proud to announce another investment property closing! Thomas Morgan, CCIM represented an all cash 1031 exchange buyer in the purchase of a net leased property in Winston-Salem, NC.

The $3,265,000 all cash sale closed in 29 days. The property is leased to Sleepy's on a net leased basis for 12 years. The 1031 investor exchanged from a management intensive industrial/retail property to this hands-off, long term, low risk NNN investment.

The property was a 2014 build to suit for Sleepys and has phenomenal location characteristics with high traffic counts and visibility in the dominant retail corridor.

sleepys NNN

Sleepy’s LLC is a privately owned four-generation mattress retail company founded in 1931 in Brooklyn, New York, the company currently has over 2,900 employees. Sleepy’s is the second largest specialty mattress retailer and the largest bedding retailer in the US.

The seller was represented by Pegasus Investments out of Beverly Hills, CA.

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Other recent closings include a remodel to suit 15 year net leased Arby's, several NNN Dollar Generals and a long term NNN 7-Eleven ground lease.

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Property Highlights − Corporate lease with Sleepy’s, LLC − Additional guaranty from HMK Mattress Holdings, LLC (parent co.) − Brand new trophy quality construction − High impact site plan (building built right up to the lot line fronting Hanes Mall Blvd.) − 12 year lease term with minimal landlord responsibilities

Location Highlights − A+ location within the heart of Winston-Salem’s Hanes Mall retail core − Irreplaceable Sam’s Club outparcel property − Phenomenal site lines and visibility − Excellent access from both Hanes Mall Blvd. & Stratford Road − Nearly 500,000 population and $64k average household income within primary trade area − Surrounded by super regional anchors including Costco, Sam’s Club & Target − New $20 million “The Lofts” development under construction down the road brining new population − Shared drive aisle access with Sam’s Club, Chick-Fil-A, Verizon, Jared Jewelers, PetSmart & Gander Mtn.

Tenant Highlights − Sleepy’s, LLC is the largest bedding retailer and the second largest mattress retailer in the United States − Tenant current employs~2,900professionals − Tenant has over 900 retail locations in sixteen states from Maine to North Carolina, primarily in the Northeastern, Mid-Atlantic and the Midwest − 10 distribution centers located throughout the country delivering over 3,000 mattresses daily − In 2009, Sleepy’s was named the fastest-growing furniture retailer in the US

1031 replacement property- try a NNN net leased property


Need a 1031 replacement property for your 1031 Exchange? Forever leave the day to day management of your office building, apartment building or other gross-leased property behind.

Invest in a "hands-free" net leased property and spend your time doing what you want rather than dealing with tenant's needs.  Triple net leased properties (NNN) provide long term cashflow without the headaches of management.  Let the property work for you rather than you working for the property and enjoy the benefits of "mail box money".

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Here are just a few of the reasons why you should buy a NNN property for your 1031 exchange:

  • armchair investment- ease of management with tenant maintaining and operating the property
  • mail box money-  your monthly rent is yours, net to you, no expenses to pay
  • long term cash flow-  leases usually range from 10 to 25 years
  • high credit tenant- financially strong tenants usually publicly traded
  • good appreciation-  regular rent increases provide for increase in future value
  • non-recourse financing- lenders will loan on credit of tenant and strength of lease, waiving a personal guarantee by you as buyer
  • easier to sell- when time comes to sell, demand is almost always strong for a NNN leased property, even in down markets
  • higher residual value- net leased real estate is usually built-to-suit for retailers who have researched the market and location to find the best site to do business

Contact TMO to find out more about the benefits of Triple Net Leased Real Estate Investments for your 1031 exchange.

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