Walgreens, Walgreens, Walgreens is all I'm hearing


There is still so much demand for Walgreens net leased properties. Calls and emails galore asking for Walgreens NNN investments. REIT's, doctors, lawyers, 1031's, even school teachers you name it… the demand for NNN Walgreens is as high as 2006/2007 and cap rates  show it. Fresh out of the ground WAG properties with 24-25 years are coming to market as low as 5% with an average of 5.75% cap rate.

Older Walgreens deals with 20+ years are 6.35% to 6.8%. 10 year deals are in check with other net leased tenants at 7-8 caps.

As always, here are some Walgreens NNN deals that caught my eye in buyer searches.  For details on the properties below or to get a full list of Walgreens for sale, please email TMO or call 1-866-539-1777.

Walgreens For Sale

walgreens real estateTriple Net Walgreens in Michigan $6,160,000 Cap Rate:6.25% Retail, Free Standing Building, Net Lease Investment

Net Leased Walgreens in Florida Price: $3,304,000 Cap Rate: 5.75% Strong Corporate Guarantee - Revenue over $63.35B in 2011, 75 year Simple Ground lease, America’s no.1 drug store.

Walgreens NNN in CA $5,536,000 Cap Rate: 6.50% Free-Standing Walgreens, A Rated Credit Tenant, Exceptional North Fresno Location, Hard Corner at Signalized Intersection and Vibrant Commercial Area Near High-End Residential

CONNNWalgreensNNN Walgreens in Colorado $7,083,333 Cap Rate: 6.00% Walgreens in Colorado with Average HH Income of $169,996

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