What do you do?

Often times people ask me what I do. I also ask people "what do you do?". We Americans are so obsessed with labels and identification. In most cases the responses to "what do you do?" are job related.... I am a lawyer, nurse, executive, broker etc. but really that is just our job and is not really us.  We are also fathers, friends, gardeners, weavers, collectors, daughters, travelers, lovers.

We all have deep inside of us passion and reasons for what we do and why we do it. The surface only tells a part of the story.

Here is a list I jotted on one of my inner explorations a few weeks ago.  This one is titled "Love to....". (I have typed it further below in case you can't read my chicken scratch.)  So... "What do you do?" Would love your comments and emails or tweets


Here it is typed...

Love to...

    -see potential     -make change     -be creative     -resourceful     -make money     -involve team members     -joint success     -contribute     -help     -understand and be understood     -give back     -provide for my family     -be passionate     -involved, intrigued, excited     -feel good     -see opportunity and act on it