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These net leased properties caught my eye and would make great investments.  Please contact me for more details:  email or 1.866.539.1777NET LEASED PROPERTIES for sale from around the U.S.

NET LEASED PROPERTIES for saleJared - Galleria of Jewelry net leased NNN property $1,915,789 9.50% cap Baton Rouge, LA New 20 year absolute NNN lease. Zero Landlord responsibilities. Scheduled 10% increase every 5 years.

NET LEASED PROPERTIES for saleLowe's Home Improvement net leased NNN property Dayton MSA, Ohio $12,057,000 6.75% cap The property is 100% leased to Lowe's Home Improvement. As of January 29, 2010, Lowe's Home Improvement had total revenue of more than $47.2 billion, a net income of approximately $1.78 billion and a net worth in excess of $19 billion. Lowe's Home Improvement currently holds an A+ rating with Standard & Poor's.

NET LEASED PROPERTIES for saleCVS Pharmacy Ground Lease net leased NNN property Southwick, MA ( Springfield ) $2,750, 000 6% cap rate New 25 year Absolute NNN Lease. 100% free simple interest. Scheduled 5% rent Increase every 5 year. S&P BBB+ Investment Grade Credit. Hard Corner Location.

CVS packages Tampa, FL $27,939,871 7% cap rate Three-2 store NNN CVS Packages. Both stores must be bought together in each package. Below market financing must be assumed (matures June, 2015)

Contact TMO for more details on any of the following net leased NNN property deals via email or phone at 1.866.539.1777 or twitter @andrusmorgan

Deals are a sampling of available NNN inventory from around the US and are for reference only.