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Brownfield Redevelopment Books


As you know TMO is involved in Brownfield Redevelopment nationwide. Here is a list of books which I think are the best for Brownfield Redevelopment:  (You can review and buy them here: Brownfield Redevelopment )

-Brownfields Redevelopment and the Quest for Sustainability, Volume 3 (Current Research in Urban and Regional Studies) [Hardcover] Christopher A. De Sousa

-Brownfields III: Prevention, Assessment, Rehabilitation And Development of Brownfield Sites [Hardcover] C. A. Brebbia and U. Manderbrownfield redevelopment

-Strategies for Resolving Environmental Land Use Disputes: Leading Lawyers on Responding to Changing Environmental Protection Standards, Ensuring Compliance ... Brownfield Redevelopment (Inside the Minds) [Paperback] Aspatore Books Staff

-Greening Brownfields: Remediation Through Sustainable Development [Hardcover] William Sarni

-Brownfields Redevelopment: Programs and Strategies for Contaminated Real Estate by Mark S. Dennison

You can review and buy them here: Brownfield Redevelopment