Things I am enjoying


Having two dogs, both pretty much puppies, has been challenging but also a lot of fun. Besides all the love and laughter they bring, they also provide me the opportunity to walk more. The multiple exercise sessions a day along with two young kids has forced me (in a good way) to get more efficient with my work and life. As a result, I have been listening to a lot of podcasts and playing with some cool software. I am loving the following and thought they are worth sharing:

Hittal: Killer Keyword Suggestions (link)

HitTail tells you, in real-time, the most promising search terms you should target based on your existing traffic. We do this using a sophisticated algorithm tuned by analyzing over 1.2 billion keywords.

HitTail analyzes your visitor stream in real-time and provides you with a simple, actionable list of precisely which keywords you should be targeting to dramatically grow your organic search traffic.

Trello (link)

Whether you're planning a surprise birthday party for your best friend, writing an epic screenplay, tracking million-dollar sales leads, or just making a list of stuff to get done this weekend, Trello makes sure you're organized and on top of it all. Like a whiteboard with super powers, Trello is simple to use and infinitely flexible. You'll know exactly what needs to get done, who's going to do it, and what's coming up next. And, everything you do is synced and saved instantly to Use the web site to stay organized while you're at your desk, and the app to stay up to date while you're out and about.

Contactually (link)

an assistant that helps you automatically prioritize and stay in touch with your most important contacts, including potential business leads, colleagues, and friends. Regularly reconnecting with your network can improve your relationships and create opportunities in the future. It pulls in all of your email, social, and CRM contacts, so it always knows who you're talking to.

Bootstrapped With Kids Podcast (link)

Two dudes with kids talking about software, marketing, making money and other Sh!t.

Bigger Pockets Podcast (link)

Real Estate Investing & Wealth Building without the hype.

Start-ups for the Rest of Us (link)

Mike Taber and Rob Walling come together to share their insights and experience from the perspective of developers who built their respective companies without Angel or Venture Capital funding. Together, they share the things they've learned and are still learning as independent developers.

What are you enjoying?