The Vitamin Vault - Walgreens in Historic Bank


This is a Walgreens store located inside a historic bank building in Chicago. It has been a very talked about redevelopment project including Huffington Post and Forbes. I came across this photo on Instagram: walgreens-former-bank
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The Vitamin Vault #chicago #architecture #bank #walgreens #farmacy #vitamins #vault #door #metal #health #shopping #design

Here is an exterior shot before the signs went up:


Historic Bank Building turned "Green" Starbucks

Here is a beautiful historic bank building that has been converted into a Starbucks in Toronto, Canada. oldbank-starbucks

Although I could not find too much information on the history of the building I did find some information about the location being a "green" renovation.

USGBC has awarded the project a LEED ID+C: Retail v1.0 pilot rating. This project achieved certification at Certified level in May 2013 and achieved 21 points.




counter one

Then and Now: Dupont and Christie | Urban Toronto.

Former Bank Building #adaptivereuse as AT&T retail #cre

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Former Bank Building #adaptivereuse as AT&T retail #cre

Historic Bank Property to become Brewpub

Historic Bank Reuse

Always looking for examples of historic reuse as well as certain property type reuse (like banks, movie theaters, bowling alleys, etc). Saw this on facebook tonight. Seems like a steal @ $26 psf despite the redevelopment cost.

via Frank Thomas Big Hurt brewpub on deck in Berwyn - News - Crains Chicago Business:

The Berwyn City Council last week approved a redevelopment ordinance to convert the 6,500-square-foot local landmark to the flagship brew house. The 88-year-old limestone building will be sold for $200,000

Looks like the City was eager to put a deal together.  This comes via the loopnet listing:

For the right end user, the City will use the following incentives:

- Land write-down to $500,000 for 50,000 square feet of land + historic bank building - A 100% write down of $500,000 in previous investment - Expedited Permitting - Class L Property Tax Exemption - Historic Income Tax Credits

This iconic structure is currently owned by the City of Berwyn. The City is looking to bring a unique concept to the location that residents will be proud of. The City is willing to be very aggressive with the sale price and will consider lease terms as well.

The building was structurally restored in 2010 and is extremely spacious. Nearly 6,000 SF of open space on the ground floor and an additional 1,600 SF split between two mezzanine areas.

Rather than speculative developers or investors, the offering price is designed to bring a unique end user into the City.

Located in the heart of Berwyn's bustling Cermak Road, the Berwyn National Bank building sits at the crossroads of Cermak Road (33,900 ADT) and Oak Park Ave (11,400 ADT).

Zoned C-2 (General Commercial) with Retail Overlay.

Shared parking with access to the municipal parking lot across the street.

Please send us any more examples of Bank Reuse or other historic property reuse. I am happy to post any of your projects.


Historic Bank Reuse

Reuse and redevelopment of former bank branches


Put your thinking cap on.  How do we reuse and re-purpose all these old buildings? It seems to me the "greenest" building is an existing one.  Why build new when you can buy for 20% of replacement cost?

Specifically, this is a former Citibank branch in a decent location within a major western MSA. The building is about 10,000 sf total (half ground level and half basement). Branch is fully finished and built out as a bank with drive thru lanes, teller counters, office, conference rooms and all furniture. It is for sale or for lease and owner is open to redevelopment.

Let me know your ideas.....

Networking Opportunity for Reuse of Existing Buildings

Also, if you are interested in reuse and redevelopment of existing buildings please let me know. I will be forming a networking group of those interested. This would also go for properties that you own or have listed that are taking a long time to sell/lease, are functionally obsolete or are just plain "weird". I am thinking we can help each other out with some regular brainstorming sessions of how to redevelop and reuse odd buildings and make them easier to sell or lease.  If interested, email here or tweet me.