"Ignore the Recession" - More reasons to buy a Net Leased TSC


TSC is one of my favorite NNN tenants. Nice buildings, great locations, solid financials, long leases, low management for owners; the list goes on and on. ABC News Nightline did a segment this week of why TSC is a "Recession Proof Retailer". TSC's internal strategy has been to "ignore the recession". It appears to have worked.


[Buy a NNN TSC Property]

Here is a link to TSC's (TSCO) five year stock price.

Buy a Tractor Supply NNN Property

What is Impact Investing?


Impact and Social InvestingYou may have been hearing the words "impact investing" or "social investment". If you care only about making money, read no further. If you care about making a positive difference in the world while making money, read on.

Using for-profit impact investments to solve social problems.

Here is decent video from Forbes featuring the authors of Impact Investing: Transforming How We Make Money While Making a Difference. This new breed of "investment" achieves social and environmental good while earning an investor a decent return. Formerly, donations were the main way to make a difference while having some financial incentive. Now, you can do good and get a good return simultaneously.

I see opportunities for Impact Investing in Real Estate by purchasing properties that are occupied by tenants whose business practices you support (i.e. Goodwill or Whole Foods), buying a green or LEED building, or doing redevelopment projects on existing buildings (i.e. adaptive reuse or historic preservation).

Impact Investments: Transforming How We Make Money While Making a Difference

A ground-breaking book on the transformative power of impact investments: Impact Investing Book

This is the first book to chart the catalytic path of Impact Investing, explaining how it is and can be a positive disruptive force. It shows how impact investments are a transformational vehicle for delivering "blended value" throughout the investment spectrum. Written by two leaders in the growing field of impact investing, the book defines the emerging Impact Investment industry for participants on all sides of the funding equation (investors, funders and social entrepreneurs).

What types of impact and social investments would you consider? What rate of return would you require?

Learn More about Impact Investing in Real Estate

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Walgreens NNN Financing


Marabella Commercial Finance, Inc. has arranged permanent financing for two Corporate Leased 1031 Net Leased Walgreen Pharmacies in the First and Second Quarter of 2012 and received a conditional approval on another Walgreen first mortgage expected to fund in the second quarter of 2012. Marabella is also hopeful to receive approval on a fourth Walgreen refinance permanent loan in the second quarter of 2012.

Buy a NNN Walgreens Property

About Marabella Commercial Finance

Marabella Commercial Finance specializes in arranging financing for 1031 Exchange Net Lease Buyers, Commercial Investment Properties and Large Anchored Centers. Past Credit Tenant Net Lease Properties that Marabella Commercial Finance has originated loans for are; Walgreens, CVS, Kohls, Safe-Way Stores, Rite Aid, Jack in the Box, 7-Eleven, Family Dollar, CSK Automotive, and Large Anchored Centers with credit tenants. MCF is a member of the Mortgage Bankers Association and is also the 2012 President of the Association of Commercial Real Estate Executives Inland Empire (Ontario, California).

Contact: Christian S. Marabella - President

Marabella Commercial Finance

We Finance America's 1031 Exchange Net Lease Properties

(760) 479-0800

Email: nnn@marabellafinance.com


Pride of Ownership with Walgreens Real Estate


Here is a great video I found on You Tube showing Walgreens new prototype store in NC.  Walgreens, of course, always has the best locations and corners in their respective markets.  Their buildings have also been some of the nicer buildings on the strip but this new store format takes it several steps further. Owning a net leased Walgreens property like this is not only a great long term passive investment but also has pride of ownership.

I like the new look. What do you think?

Buy a NNN Walgreens Property

General Contractors: Wimco Corp. | Washington, NC Developer: GHK Developments Inc. | New Orleans, LA

Relax..... Luxury Surf Yoga Retreat


Needing to take things down a notch but want to do it in style? Check out this Luxury Surf and Yoga Retreat by Three Jewels. (my bro/sis in-law's company)

Three Jewels Yoga and Surf Retreats from Three Jewels Retreats on Vimeo.

Three Jewels Retreats, A day in paradise at a Yoga and Surf Retreat

Music: Xavier Rudd "Come Let Go"

ipad for commercial real estate


Thinking of buying an Ipad?  I love mine.  Here is a quick video review:

Also, my colleague David Stone, CCIM, had sent out an email to CCIM's about real estate apps and CRM for the iPad, here are his summarized responses from other CCIM's:

1. Bento -- good database program for contacts and highly customizable if you have the time.

2. ACT -- syncs with iPad using software called "DoubleLook"

MY ANSWER 3. ipad and macs rock period.  my feeling for ipad is something web based that works in any browser.  I have had good luck with salesforce.com and/or google apps.  Thinking about going from salesforce to a simple system in google apps rather than both.  salesforce is too robust for sole practioners or even small teams.   http://highrisehq.com looks good also.  I think it will be some time until you can use a ipad specific app that does all we need.... browsers are still the future....any device, any time, any place.

4. Roambi or Daylight

5. I have designed the CRM  ( Contact Management ) to run on Mac OS and iPad. We ( the developers and I )  are in final phase and will market it in early Fall.It wil be called :  CREM  - ( Commercial Real Estate Manager ) for Mac systems and integrated with iPhone, iCal, Apple Address book, CCIM , STDBonline, CCIM REDEX, REIWISE).Besides doing contact management it will also have ability to take pdf forms which you FILL  for listing properties  to populate your own  data base in File Maker and then convert to .excel file which can  download to CCIM-REDEX or Costar or Loopnet and other Listing Services. The DOCUMENT TAB will be directly linked to FINDER on Apple iPAD or Mac book or IMac. This is very powerful and I have looked at ACT for Commercial, REST plus other applications and in my frustration I developed this design specific to Commercial Real Estate because I am an avid Apple User. Even CCIM forms have a " button " to click and open up in Excel 4 on this contact management system. Yes there will be a charge. Estimated cost: below $400, including setup and support.

6. I am experimenting with an app called AgentWorx by AppSpice.com. I like the program, but support has been very poor to date and I am not sold. Also, in an attempt to digitize my daily notes, I am trying out a couple programs -- NoteTaker and WritePad. Both seem promising. One is a handwriting-recognition app and the other allows you to save handwritten notes as PDFs.

Jared Chamberlain a RE/MAX Calgary Realtor vlogs about how the iPad could change many business run and look at online mediums.