Recent Closings - Triple Net 1031 Exchange Deals

We are pleased to announce the following recent closings: NNN Florida Walgreens: $8,662,371 - Sourced off-market deal through developer and broker network. Record setting cap rate of 4.85%. All cash transaction with 1031 exchange buyer.

Triple Net CVS: $6,450,000 - Low leverage 1031 exchange buyer. 24 years left on absolute net lease - 5.32% cap rate. Solid midwest location.

Net Leased Dollar General: ~ $1MM - high cap rate deal 8%+ with 7+ years on NN lease. Growing SE US location.

For more details or help on your NNN 1031 exchange, give us a ring at 1-866-539-1777.

CVS NNN For Sale

How to Find the best Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate For Sale

walgreens-2-1031Finding a good selection of Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for sale is not as easy as you might hope. Because there is no reliable central repository of commercial listings, the Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for sale in the market are typically spread across a number of different resources, only some of which are freely available to the public.

Internet Listings of Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for Sale

There are a few sites which present Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for sale as well as other commercial real estate listings. The two best known, Loopnet and Costar Exchange, are in the process of merging. Both allow just about anyone to post listings of Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for sale, as well as other property types. While Costar lets anyone search its database, Loopnet only gives full access to paying subscribers. The key problem with these sites is that many of the best Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for sale never make it on to them.

Principal Listings of Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for Sale

Many principals, whether they are owners or developers, list their own Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for sale on their websites. CrestNetLease and Kimco Realty are two such ownership groups that do this, and Bencor Development is an example of a developer that posts its Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for sale right online. Although direct principal to principal marketing can yield you access to inventory, it is a great real of work to visit each of these sites. In addition, because you do not have an expert guiding you, you may not know which of the Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for sale that you see are good deals and which are not.

Hire A Professional Broker to Bring You Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for Sale

The easiest way to find Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for sale is also the best way. Instead of spending your time to scour the Internet to find just a small subset of the Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for sale out there, hire a broker and let him do the work for you. Your broker should have not only a strong knowledge of all of the places to look for Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for sale, but should also have insider access to listings that you may not be able to see. In addition, he should be able to guide you to not only good Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for sale, but to the best Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for sale for you and your specific needs. In addition, because most sellers will pay your broker’s commission, the service and guidance that he brings you should not even cost you anything.

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Buy a Walgreens Property

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JUST CLOSED: $5M Walgreens NNN 1031 Investment

We are pleased to announce the closing of a NNN Walgreens in Texas. The property was sold for $5,075,000 and had approximately 15 years left on a triple net lease. The cap rate at time of sale was 6.10%.

Thomas Morgan, CCIM represented the buyer who was a Trust from the NE U.S. and was in a 1031 Exchange. They buyer had sold management intensive multi family property and was moving to the net lease segment to minimize management responsibilities.

walgreens investmentUnder a tight 1031 timeframe Morgan evaluated several Walgreens nationally and submitted offers on multiple properties to assure successful completion of the 1031.

Isola Capital placed low leverage favorable long term financing for the buyer. Isola and Morgan have collaborated on many other NNN sales including Dollar Generals, 7-Eleven and O Reilly Auto.

The Seller was represented by SVN Kase Group.

For more information on this transaction or other 1031 NNN Investments, please contact Thomas at 1-866-539-1777.

Not All Walgreens NNN Investments Are Created Equal


On the surface, a Walgreens investment may look like all the other Walgreens. Au contraire mon frere!

Yes, the tenant credit is the same and the square footage is similar. However, there are many variables when comparing different Walgreens investments.

Everyday, we help our Walgreens 1031 clients evaluate and compare different NNN investment properties. Our clients are able to compare apples to apples due to our analysis and insights about which Walgreens NNN property most fits their criteria and investment goals.

Here is a quick list we did to help a Walgreens 1031 client do a side by side comparison of three Walgreens we made offers on. Note the additional data points in the list besides price, cap rate, rent amount etc.

Is the store open 24 hours? Does it have a drive thru? What about beer and liquor? How big is the lot? What are the reported store sales? What does the landlord have to take care of? (not all Walgreens are triple net!) How fast is the population growing? Is the area poor, wealthy or middle class?

Walgreens NNN Comparison

Which deal would you choose? Yes, cap rate plays a part in relation to lease term and price but what is the better investment considering the other factors?

We help our clients answer these questions.

On many deals we take it several steps further and drill down the data even more. Other data points we help clients consider when buying a Walgreens 1031 NNN property:

  • What are market rents compared to the contract rent? What can the building be leased for now and in the future?
  • What is the quality of construction? Brick? Block? Upgraded features?
  • What is the competitive environment? Where is the closest CVS or Rite Aid? What about another Walgreens?
  • What is the age demographic? Is the area full of young people who are healthy? Or does the area have an aging population that needs prescriptions filled?
  • What is the consumer spending potential? Is there underserved demand in the marketplace? Is it over supplied?

We answer all this and more, for you.

Not all Walgreens investments are created equal and neither are the people who sell them.

Make sure you have a Walgreens NNN investment advisor on your side.

Call us at 1-866-539-1777 or email us here for a free Walgreens 1031 or NNN property consultation.

JUST CLOSED: $3.2M NNN 1031 Sleepy's Investment

We are proud to announce another investment property closing! Thomas Morgan, CCIM represented an all cash 1031 exchange buyer in the purchase of a net leased property in Winston-Salem, NC.

The $3,265,000 all cash sale closed in 29 days. The property is leased to Sleepy's on a net leased basis for 12 years. The 1031 investor exchanged from a management intensive industrial/retail property to this hands-off, long term, low risk NNN investment.

The property was a 2014 build to suit for Sleepys and has phenomenal location characteristics with high traffic counts and visibility in the dominant retail corridor.

sleepys NNN

Sleepy’s LLC is a privately owned four-generation mattress retail company founded in 1931 in Brooklyn, New York, the company currently has over 2,900 employees. Sleepy’s is the second largest specialty mattress retailer and the largest bedding retailer in the US.

The seller was represented by Pegasus Investments out of Beverly Hills, CA.

Please contact Thomas Morgan, CCIM for cap rate details or for information and availability of other triple net 1031 investments. 1-866-539-1777

Other recent closings include a remodel to suit 15 year net leased Arby's, several NNN Dollar Generals and a long term NNN 7-Eleven ground lease.

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Property Highlights − Corporate lease with Sleepy’s, LLC − Additional guaranty from HMK Mattress Holdings, LLC (parent co.) − Brand new trophy quality construction − High impact site plan (building built right up to the lot line fronting Hanes Mall Blvd.) − 12 year lease term with minimal landlord responsibilities

Location Highlights − A+ location within the heart of Winston-Salem’s Hanes Mall retail core − Irreplaceable Sam’s Club outparcel property − Phenomenal site lines and visibility − Excellent access from both Hanes Mall Blvd. & Stratford Road − Nearly 500,000 population and $64k average household income within primary trade area − Surrounded by super regional anchors including Costco, Sam’s Club & Target − New $20 million “The Lofts” development under construction down the road brining new population − Shared drive aisle access with Sam’s Club, Chick-Fil-A, Verizon, Jared Jewelers, PetSmart & Gander Mtn.

Tenant Highlights − Sleepy’s, LLC is the largest bedding retailer and the second largest mattress retailer in the United States − Tenant current employs~2,900professionals − Tenant has over 900 retail locations in sixteen states from Maine to North Carolina, primarily in the Northeastern, Mid-Atlantic and the Midwest − 10 distribution centers located throughout the country delivering over 3,000 mattresses daily − In 2009, Sleepy’s was named the fastest-growing furniture retailer in the US

CVS NNN For Sale - Available NNN deals

NET LEASED PROPERTIES for saleCVS NNN deals continue to be in hot demand. Long term net leases of 20 or more years with a solid credit rated and no landlord responsibilities. CVS NNN make great 1031 Exchange replacement properties.

Here is a quick list of CVS NNN properties for sale that have been of interest to our NNN clients and may be of interest to as well.

CVS NNN Properties For Sale

CVS NNN Memphis For Sale



CVS NNN FL For Sale 2

Call 1-970-618-4086 for more info on these CVS NNN Properties For Sale.

BUYER WANT: single tenant NNN $2M to $7M for 1031 Exchange


Looking for single tenant NNN deals anywhere in US.  Client will be in 1031 shortwalgreens NNN for salely and would like one property in $6-7M range but would maybe split among two properties. NNN purchase criteria:

-price: $2M to $7.2M -deliverable cap rate 7% or better -single tenant -S&P rated tenant -NNN or NN only -ideally 10 or more years left on lease

Please email TMO, connect on twitter @andrusmorgan or call 1-866-539-1777

Let's Make a Deal! - Client looking to trade free and clear assets

Let's Make a Deal! Client looking to trade free and clear assets for income property anywhere in US

trade real estateClient looking to make creative deal and juggle his portfolio.  He has the following assets and is willing to trade any or all of them for or as a downpayment into income property with a cap rate of 8% or better.  His firm has excellent credit and is willing to put new loans in place if required. Owner carry property is preferred or loan assumptions are OK. He will consider ALL states. He does not want to exceed 60% LTV, so his trade has to be close to 40% down payment.  He will go into apartments, rental houses, office buildings, strip centers, mobile home parks--no motels or restaurants.

Assets to Trade:

  1. free and clear Clovis,NM leased building (listed at $250,000)
  2. 7  free and clear improved lots in Lake Whitney Tx (listed at current value of $95,000)
  3. Two luxury home lots in Riverview Estates, Spokane,WA:  free and clear $150,000 each($300,000 total)
  4. Tenant in common Interest in 400 plus unit apartment building in Houston,TX  Value $410,0000  (in good standing and performing)
  5. Tenant in Common Interest in High quality office building Minneapolis,MN Value: $335,000 (in good standing/performing)
  6. Luxury Home Cave Creek,. AZ- Price lowered to $1,375,000 free and clear  (will consider trading up  or down on this asset)

Let's Make a Deal!  Contact TMO via email or at 1.866.539.1777