Recent Closings - Triple Net 1031 Exchange Deals

We are pleased to announce the following recent closings: NNN Florida Walgreens: $8,662,371 - Sourced off-market deal through developer and broker network. Record setting cap rate of 4.85%. All cash transaction with 1031 exchange buyer.

Triple Net CVS: $6,450,000 - Low leverage 1031 exchange buyer. 24 years left on absolute net lease - 5.32% cap rate. Solid midwest location.

Net Leased Dollar General: ~ $1MM - high cap rate deal 8%+ with 7+ years on NN lease. Growing SE US location.

For more details or help on your NNN 1031 exchange, give us a ring at 1-866-539-1777.

CVS NNN For Sale

How to Find the best Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate For Sale

walgreens-2-1031Finding a good selection of Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for sale is not as easy as you might hope. Because there is no reliable central repository of commercial listings, the Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for sale in the market are typically spread across a number of different resources, only some of which are freely available to the public.

Internet Listings of Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for Sale

There are a few sites which present Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for sale as well as other commercial real estate listings. The two best known, Loopnet and Costar Exchange, are in the process of merging. Both allow just about anyone to post listings of Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for sale, as well as other property types. While Costar lets anyone search its database, Loopnet only gives full access to paying subscribers. The key problem with these sites is that many of the best Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for sale never make it on to them.

Principal Listings of Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for Sale

Many principals, whether they are owners or developers, list their own Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for sale on their websites. CrestNetLease and Kimco Realty are two such ownership groups that do this, and Bencor Development is an example of a developer that posts its Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for sale right online. Although direct principal to principal marketing can yield you access to inventory, it is a great real of work to visit each of these sites. In addition, because you do not have an expert guiding you, you may not know which of the Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for sale that you see are good deals and which are not.

Hire A Professional Broker to Bring You Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for Sale

The easiest way to find Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for sale is also the best way. Instead of spending your time to scour the Internet to find just a small subset of the Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for sale out there, hire a broker and let him do the work for you. Your broker should have not only a strong knowledge of all of the places to look for Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for sale, but should also have insider access to listings that you may not be able to see. In addition, he should be able to guide you to not only good Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for sale, but to the best Walgreens 1031 NNN Real Estate for sale for you and your specific needs. In addition, because most sellers will pay your broker’s commission, the service and guidance that he brings you should not even cost you anything.

{ Article: How to Choose the Best Triple Net Broker }

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Or call Thomas Morgan, CCIM, a Walgreens NNN Broker, at 1-866-539-1777

JUST CLOSED: $5M Walgreens NNN 1031 Investment

We are pleased to announce the closing of a NNN Walgreens in Texas. The property was sold for $5,075,000 and had approximately 15 years left on a triple net lease. The cap rate at time of sale was 6.10%.

Thomas Morgan, CCIM represented the buyer who was a Trust from the NE U.S. and was in a 1031 Exchange. They buyer had sold management intensive multi family property and was moving to the net lease segment to minimize management responsibilities.

walgreens investmentUnder a tight 1031 timeframe Morgan evaluated several Walgreens nationally and submitted offers on multiple properties to assure successful completion of the 1031.

Isola Capital placed low leverage favorable long term financing for the buyer. Isola and Morgan have collaborated on many other NNN sales including Dollar Generals, 7-Eleven and O Reilly Auto.

The Seller was represented by SVN Kase Group.

For more information on this transaction or other 1031 NNN Investments, please contact Thomas at 1-866-539-1777.

NNN Drug Store Cap Rates and NNN Market Report

NET LEASE DRUG STORE REPORT RELEASED The Boulder Group has released The Net Lease Drug Store Report. The report provides comprehensive numbers and analysis of the net lease drug store property market.

Highlights of the report include:

  • Cap rates for Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid are at historic lows
  • The supply of CVS properties on the market increased by 64%
  • Drug store properties are commanding a 75 basis point premium over the retail net lease market

cap rate spreads

askign cap by lease term

The full report can be found here: Net Lease NNN Drugstore Report

Not All Walgreens NNN Investments Are Created Equal


On the surface, a Walgreens investment may look like all the other Walgreens. Au contraire mon frere!

Yes, the tenant credit is the same and the square footage is similar. However, there are many variables when comparing different Walgreens investments.

Everyday, we help our Walgreens 1031 clients evaluate and compare different NNN investment properties. Our clients are able to compare apples to apples due to our analysis and insights about which Walgreens NNN property most fits their criteria and investment goals.

Here is a quick list we did to help a Walgreens 1031 client do a side by side comparison of three Walgreens we made offers on. Note the additional data points in the list besides price, cap rate, rent amount etc.

Is the store open 24 hours? Does it have a drive thru? What about beer and liquor? How big is the lot? What are the reported store sales? What does the landlord have to take care of? (not all Walgreens are triple net!) How fast is the population growing? Is the area poor, wealthy or middle class?

Walgreens NNN Comparison

Which deal would you choose? Yes, cap rate plays a part in relation to lease term and price but what is the better investment considering the other factors?

We help our clients answer these questions.

On many deals we take it several steps further and drill down the data even more. Other data points we help clients consider when buying a Walgreens 1031 NNN property:

  • What are market rents compared to the contract rent? What can the building be leased for now and in the future?
  • What is the quality of construction? Brick? Block? Upgraded features?
  • What is the competitive environment? Where is the closest CVS or Rite Aid? What about another Walgreens?
  • What is the age demographic? Is the area full of young people who are healthy? Or does the area have an aging population that needs prescriptions filled?
  • What is the consumer spending potential? Is there underserved demand in the marketplace? Is it over supplied?

We answer all this and more, for you.

Not all Walgreens investments are created equal and neither are the people who sell them.

Make sure you have a Walgreens NNN investment advisor on your side.

Call us at 1-866-539-1777 or email us here for a free Walgreens 1031 or NNN property consultation.

Understanding Zero Cash Flow NNN Deals


While many investors purchase NNN properties for their steady cash flow, that's not the only way to buy one. Some real estate owners use their NNN investments as ways to minimize their tax exposure and to maximize the benefits of leverage. Zero cash flow deals might not provide cash flow in the present, but they offer significant returns in the long-term. Most zero cash flow NNN investments have two pieces. First, you purchase a high quality NNN investment with a long-term lease and a tenant with a high credit rating. Drug stores like Walgreens and CVS are popular choices. Next, you obtain special zero cash flow financing. This NNN financing has an amortization period that is fixed to the term of the lease and a flat rate. Typically, you put between 10 and 20 percent down and, when the lease's initial term ends, you have a paid-off building.Zero Cash Flow Deal

The Short and Middle Term Horizon

While you don't cash flow from rents with a zero cash flow NNN deal, you usually make money on it for most of the time you own it. The depreciation that it throws off more than covers your principal payments, leaving you with a net loss on your taxes that you can use to offset other gains.

In the middle term of the NNN investment, the principal payments gradually grow. Once they are more than your depreciation, you may end up being subject to phantom income, which is taxable. This is the one key drawback to NNN zero cash flow deals. However, the phantom income can be offset by a Section 467 loan.

The Long-Term Horizon

At the end of the lease, your loan ends and you own your NNN building free and clear. With any luck, the tenant exercises its option and you will own a cashflow asset with no debt. In a worst-case scenario, the NNN tenant moves out. After 20 or more years of appreciation, it's reasonable to assume that the NNN building would be worth as much vacant as it was occupied way-back-when.

Zero Cash Flow and 1031

One of the advantages of zero cash flow NNN investments is that they allow you to put relatively small amounts of money down. This makes them a perfect place to park extra capital from a 1031 exchange. If you have money left over after buying your primary investment, buying a zero cash flow NNN can save you from paying boot. ZCF deals also allow an investor to more closely match debt and equity requirements from a 1031 Exchange.

For a free list of available Zero Cash Flow deals call Thomas at 1-866-539-1777 or email him here.

The Vitamin Vault - Walgreens in Historic Bank


This is a Walgreens store located inside a historic bank building in Chicago. It has been a very talked about redevelopment project including Huffington Post and Forbes. I came across this photo on Instagram: walgreens-former-bank
from Instagram http://bit.ly/1qGCAPW
via jorgemus
The Vitamin Vault #chicago #architecture #bank #walgreens #farmacy #vitamins #vault #door #metal #health #shopping #design

Here is an exterior shot before the signs went up:


TMO sells $12M Walgreens Property

In mid August, TMO represented the buyer of a northern California NNN Walgreens property. The property sold for $12,184,846 and is leased on an absolute triple net basis to Walgreens (Ticker: WAG) on a 75 year lease with 24 firm years remaining.  The buyer was a privately held real estate investment company from New York who was in a 1031 Exchange.  The seller was represented by Capital Pacific's San Francisco office.  The low leverage transaction was financed by Lafayette Life Insurance Company  which was placed by Ed Isola from Isola & Associates.

For further details about the cap rate and financing terms, please contact Thomas Morgan, CCIM via email or toll free at 1-866-539-1777.

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Walgreens NNN Deal Round Up


Here is this week's round up of Walgreens NNN properties for sale across the the US. These Walgreens properties caught my eye as part of research for  Walgreens buyers I am working with.  Contact TMO for for details of these net leased Walgreens via email or 1-866-539-1777

walgreens NNN real estateWalgreens NNN in CA Price: $7,250,000 Cap Rate: 5.77% 60-Year Double Net Lease, -Rare Infill Location, -Over 650K Residents in a 5-Mile Radius, Hard Corner, Signalized Intersection, Strong Store Sales, Highly Visible Location. Learn more...

Walgreens Real Estate For SaleWalgreens NNN in CA Price: $11,060,000 Cap Rate:  5.75% Learn more...

Walgreens NNN in OK Price: $5,650,000 Cap Rate: 6.15% Ten (10), Five (5) year renewal options, Twenty-Five (25) year lease term with Seventeen (17) years remaining, 100% leased and guaranteed by Walgreen Co. (S&P: A) Learn more...

Walgreens NNN PropertyWalgreens NNN in TX Price: $7,285,000 Cap Rate: 6% Strong National Credit, Brand new 25 year absolute NNN lease, Signalized, Hard Corner Location. Learn more...

walgreens investmentWalgreens NNN in KY Price: $4,179,000 Cap Rate: 6.75% Strong corporate Guarantee -Walgreens co., ranked #32 fortune 500 list 2012, America’s #1 Drug store. Learn more...

More Walgreens For Sale

Contact TMO for for details of these net leased Walgreens via email or 1-866-539-1777

Deals are a sampling of available Walgreen NNN inventory from around the US and are for reference only. Subject photos may not be actual location and are representative of Walgreen locations in general.

Walgreens NNN Financing


Marabella Commercial Finance, Inc. has arranged permanent financing for two Corporate Leased 1031 Net Leased Walgreen Pharmacies in the First and Second Quarter of 2012 and received a conditional approval on another Walgreen first mortgage expected to fund in the second quarter of 2012. Marabella is also hopeful to receive approval on a fourth Walgreen refinance permanent loan in the second quarter of 2012.

Buy a NNN Walgreens Property

About Marabella Commercial Finance

Marabella Commercial Finance specializes in arranging financing for 1031 Exchange Net Lease Buyers, Commercial Investment Properties and Large Anchored Centers. Past Credit Tenant Net Lease Properties that Marabella Commercial Finance has originated loans for are; Walgreens, CVS, Kohls, Safe-Way Stores, Rite Aid, Jack in the Box, 7-Eleven, Family Dollar, CSK Automotive, and Large Anchored Centers with credit tenants. MCF is a member of the Mortgage Bankers Association and is also the 2012 President of the Association of Commercial Real Estate Executives Inland Empire (Ontario, California).

Contact: Christian S. Marabella - President

Marabella Commercial Finance

We Finance America's 1031 Exchange Net Lease Properties

(760) 479-0800

Email: nnn@marabellafinance.com


Pride of Ownership with Walgreens Real Estate


Here is a great video I found on You Tube showing Walgreens new prototype store in NC.  Walgreens, of course, always has the best locations and corners in their respective markets.  Their buildings have also been some of the nicer buildings on the strip but this new store format takes it several steps further. Owning a net leased Walgreens property like this is not only a great long term passive investment but also has pride of ownership.

I like the new look. What do you think?

Buy a NNN Walgreens Property

General Contractors: Wimco Corp. | Washington, NC Developer: GHK Developments Inc. | New Orleans, LA

Walgreens NNN sells for $27.8M

A Walgreens NNN in Vegas has sold for $27.8 million, or $1,736 psf, the highest price per square foot for a single-tenant leased drugstore in America. The WAG drugstore is open 24 hours with frontage on the Strip, able to take advantage of heavy foot traffic from nearly 40 million visitors to Las Vegas every year.

Walgreens NNN For Sale

Similar pricing hasn't been achieved since January 2005, the height of the commercial real estate boom, when a drugstore in Miami was sold for $19.5 million. The only comparable transaction was a drugstore in Fort Myers, Fla., that sold for $1,466 psf in August, according to CoStar.

Commercial listing service LoopNet shows a stand-alone WAG for sale in New York for $11.6 million, or $1,225 a square foot, and one in Los Angeles for $14.4 million, or $1,078 psf.  TMO represents the buyer of a WAG NNN in northern CA for $879 psf.

Walgreens NNN properties provide investors long term stable cash flows.  Contact TMO at 1-866-539-1777 for Walgreens for sale or

CLICK HERE to Buy a NNN Walgreens

News via Las Vegas Business Press :: News : Las Vegas Strip drugstore fetches record sale price.

Marcus and Millichap was the broker for the above Vegas Walgreens NNN sale.

Walgreens, Walgreens, Walgreens is all I'm hearing


There is still so much demand for Walgreens net leased properties. Calls and emails galore asking for Walgreens NNN investments. REIT's, doctors, lawyers, 1031's, even school teachers you name it… the demand for NNN Walgreens is as high as 2006/2007 and cap rates  show it. Fresh out of the ground WAG properties with 24-25 years are coming to market as low as 5% with an average of 5.75% cap rate.

Older Walgreens deals with 20+ years are 6.35% to 6.8%. 10 year deals are in check with other net leased tenants at 7-8 caps.

As always, here are some Walgreens NNN deals that caught my eye in buyer searches.  For details on the properties below or to get a full list of Walgreens for sale, please email TMO or call 1-866-539-1777.

Walgreens For Sale

walgreens real estateTriple Net Walgreens in Michigan $6,160,000 Cap Rate:6.25% Retail, Free Standing Building, Net Lease Investment

Net Leased Walgreens in Florida Price: $3,304,000 Cap Rate: 5.75% Strong Corporate Guarantee - Revenue over $63.35B in 2011, 75 year Simple Ground lease, America’s no.1 drug store.

Walgreens NNN in CA $5,536,000 Cap Rate: 6.50% Free-Standing Walgreens, A Rated Credit Tenant, Exceptional North Fresno Location, Hard Corner at Signalized Intersection and Vibrant Commercial Area Near High-End Residential

CONNNWalgreensNNN Walgreens in Colorado $7,083,333 Cap Rate: 6.00% Walgreens in Colorado with Average HH Income of $169,996

More Walgreens For Sale

Why are drug dealers the best tenants?


Owning commercial investment property is a great pleasure especially when you have good solid tenants.

Marijuana pays the rent.

In Denver and California commercial retail property owners have found that "pot dispensaries" have filled vacant spaces in the down economy.

"Looking at California, the pioneer state of medical marijuana, shows how great the demand really is for medical marijuana. One study reported that Los Angeles county alone has over 800 marijuana dispensaries."

But the "high" does not last forever.

Considering pot is still illegal, it may be time to find another tenant.

What about a drug dealer that has $72 billion in revenue and a S&P rating of A?

This is not your back alley drug dealer. This drug dealer in on busiest corners. Has well lit parking lots. Incredible signage. Is open 24 hours an has 7,830 stores worldwide.

This drug dealer is Walgreens.

As a commercial property investor looking for long term passive income, you have to consider a Walgreens.  Walgreens typically signs 75 year leases.  Walgreens has the best locations. Walgreens leases are true triple net meaning the landlord has NO responsibilities. Absolutely none.  The owner sits back and deposits the monthly rent.

Triple Net Walgreens range from $4M to $12M and easily produce a 6%+ annual yield for an all cash purchase. Non-recourse financing is easy to obtain especially at 60% or less LTV at sub 5% interest rates which can increase the overall annual yield to 8% or better.

Here are some triple net Walgreens currently for sale around the US.  Contact TMO for more information on any of them or to set up a free no-obligation real estate investment consultation.

Walgreens NNN Real Estate For Sale

Walgreens NNN PropertyWalgreens NNN Real Estate

  • PA
  • $6,770,000
  • Cap Rate: 6.50%

Absolute-Net Lease of 75 years. "A" Credit Rating by Standard and Poors.

walgreens real estateWalgreens NNN Property

  • OK
  • $4,950,000
  • 6.61% cap rate

Located in the Oklahoma City MSA, Investment grade tenant, Over 22 years remain on lease, Adjacent to I-40 interchange

walgreens investmentWalgreens Triple Net Property

  • FL
  • $10,915,000
  • Cap Rate 6%

Rare rent increase, absolute NNN lease, daily traffic count exceeds 44,500

walgreens net leasedWalgreens Triple Net Real Estate

  • FL
  • $3,304,000
  • 5.75%

75 years simple Ground lease, irreplaceable corner location

walgreens NNN for saleWalgreens Net Leased Property

  • IL
  • $5,578,000
  • 7.35%

Established Walgreens Location Operating Since 1957. 60 Years Lease - Strong Store Sales. Less than One-Mile from Advocate Trinity Hospital.

Great NNN real estate.

Contact TMO about these NNN Walgreens. Toll free 1.866.539.1777 or e-mail.

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BUYER WANT: seeking new construction Walgreens for 1031 Exchange


Walgreens NNN PropertyMy client is seeking new construction Walgreens for an upcoming 1031.  Please contact TMO with deals that match the following:

  • Walgreens anywhere in US
  • lease commencement in trailing 12 months OR upcoming in next 6 months
  • entire US
  • any price range
  • fee simple
  • no broker daisy chains

Please email TMO, connect on twitter @andrusmorgan or call 1-866-539-1777

Is there a NNN property want we can help you with?  We help triple net investors find and buy the best NNN properties in the US.  Contact TMO today for a free no-obligation NNN investment consultation: email TMO, connect on twitter @andrusmorgan or call 1-866-539-1777

Walgreens NNN For Sale


Walgreens real estate remains a highly sought after NNN investment.  Walgreens provide long term stable cash flows usually on an absolute net lease basis with no landlord responsibilities. Walgreens has a S&P credit rating of "A". Here are several NNN Walgreen deals I have come across in my buyer searches over the past few weeks.  Please email or call me at 1.866.539.1777 for additional information on any of these NNN Walgreens for sale.

walgreens NNN for saleWalgreens NNN For Sale Litchfield, IL $4,511,200 6.65% cap rate 14,820 Square Feet, Minutes from Lake Lou Yaeger, Excellent Hard Corner Location with High Visibility, Adjacent to Litchfield Plaza Shopping Center, Irreplaceable Litchfield Location, Adjacent to Hampton Inn and Holiday Inn.

walgreens real estateNNN Walgreens For Sale Hutchinson (Wichita), KS $4,945,000 Price 7.00% cap rate Over Fifteen (15) years remaining on Twenty-Five (25) year NNN lease fully leased and guaranteed by Walgreen Co. (S&P: A),  7.87% Average Yield.

walgreens investmentWalgreens NNN Affluent Westchester County $11,455,000 6.40% cap rate Offered free & clear, but many great loans available,Prime New York Metro real estate, Mature suburb of New York City

walgreens net leasedWalgreens Investment New York, NY $6,538,461 6.50% cap rate Located adjacent to Hartwick College, a prominent private college in the region,Strong credit tenant - Walgreen Co. (S&P A/Stable)

Walgreens NNN PropertyWalgreens NNN For Sale Phoenix Metro $5,500,000 5% cap rate Trophy asset, 10% rental increase every 10%, America's #1 Drug store, Excellent demographic


Contact TMO for more details on any of the above Walgreens NNN properties and net leased NNN property deals via email or phone at 1.866.539.1777.

Deals are a sampling of available Walgreen NNN inventory from around the US and are for reference only. Subject photos may not be actual location and are representative of Walgreen locations in general.