I'm giving away my iPad to your good cause

UPDATE 5/30/12:  Thanks for all the responses.  The winner is Linda Summerer who just retired from teaching school and will be using the ipad  "to do free tutoring with kids in the community whose parents are unable to pay for it."  Congrats Linda and nice work.  Make sure to try  out Evernote's Peek app for studying. ORINGINAL POST:

20120525-232037.jpgYes, my iPad is yours; I'll even pay shipping.

Is there a catch?

Of course.

It's yours if you tell me (and the world) what your good cause is and why an iPad would help you achieve that goal.

When I say "good cause" I mean like tutoring kids or helping the homeless or saving whales or being an exceptional parent or something altruistic.

Not something like "to win FarmVille" or "friend more people on Facebook" or "watch more cat videos on youtube" or because you are family etc.

Simply comment below, Facebook me (personal OR work) or tweet me with the reason I should mail you my old iPad. 20120525-232110.jpg

I know a lot of you are up to good things. Just let me know what good you are up to and I'll gladly send it to the Samaritan of my choice.

Specs: iPad is in above average condition. First generation model. Will send with charger and most recent iOS installed.

Offer void where prohibited. Ha ha.