A discipline to call our own. Andrus & Morgan is a creative real estate company that does important work on meaningful projects nationwide.

We specialize in commercial real estate reuse, repositioning and investment.

We make the world a better place by combining real estate redevelopment, impact investing, media, design, architecture, historic preservation, crowdfunding, green, reuse, finance, commercial real estate, residential real estate, non profit, real estate donations, web, technology, crowdsourcing, social media, law, planning, land use, brokerage, conservation, philanthropy, marketing, art, public affairs and CSR.

For a minute, we seriously considered blending all the disciplines above into one word. In the end, we felt that this company name was too long (laugh laugh):

The Real Estate Impact Media Design Historic Crowdfunding Commercial Non Profit Weblaw Planning Use Philanthropic Art Affair Firm

We settled on Andrus & Morgan instead.

Besides the unseen well of daily inspiration that has created all of this, Candy Chang helped me take the leap with this short two minute video about "Making your own Discipline". Thanks Candy!

not too seriously

A local coffee shop I visit has a sign above the door that reads "take your coffee seriously, not yourself".  With that credo in mind as well as taking a play out of Deyl's blog, my future posts and this blog for that matter will yes.... take themselves less seriously. Yes, investment real estate can be a serious business but also an immensely fun and exciting one as well.  In a world where life and business blend together in one continuous flow, fun is essential.  As Ben & Jerry say (said) "If is is not fun, why do it?".

If it's not fun, why do it?Photo Credit