ipad for commercial real estate


Thinking of buying an Ipad?  I love mine.  Here is a quick video review:

Also, my colleague David Stone, CCIM, had sent out an email to CCIM's about real estate apps and CRM for the iPad, here are his summarized responses from other CCIM's:

1. Bento -- good database program for contacts and highly customizable if you have the time.

2. ACT -- syncs with iPad using software called "DoubleLook"

MY ANSWER 3. ipad and macs rock period.  my feeling for ipad is something web based that works in any browser.  I have had good luck with and/or google apps.  Thinking about going from salesforce to a simple system in google apps rather than both.  salesforce is too robust for sole practioners or even small teams. looks good also.  I think it will be some time until you can use a ipad specific app that does all we need.... browsers are still the future....any device, any time, any place.

4. Roambi or Daylight

5. I have designed the CRM  ( Contact Management ) to run on Mac OS and iPad. We ( the developers and I )  are in final phase and will market it in early Fall.It wil be called :  CREM  - ( Commercial Real Estate Manager ) for Mac systems and integrated with iPhone, iCal, Apple Address book, CCIM , STDBonline, CCIM REDEX, REIWISE).Besides doing contact management it will also have ability to take pdf forms which you FILL  for listing properties  to populate your own  data base in File Maker and then convert to .excel file which can  download to CCIM-REDEX or Costar or Loopnet and other Listing Services. The DOCUMENT TAB will be directly linked to FINDER on Apple iPAD or Mac book or IMac. This is very powerful and I have looked at ACT for Commercial, REST plus other applications and in my frustration I developed this design specific to Commercial Real Estate because I am an avid Apple User. Even CCIM forms have a " button " to click and open up in Excel 4 on this contact management system. Yes there will be a charge. Estimated cost: below $400, including setup and support.

6. I am experimenting with an app called AgentWorx by I like the program, but support has been very poor to date and I am not sold. Also, in an attempt to digitize my daily notes, I am trying out a couple programs -- NoteTaker and WritePad. Both seem promising. One is a handwriting-recognition app and the other allows you to save handwritten notes as PDFs.

Jared Chamberlain a RE/MAX Calgary Realtor vlogs about how the iPad could change many business run and look at online mediums.