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Why are drug dealers the best tenants?


Owning commercial investment property is a great pleasure especially when you have good solid tenants.

Marijuana pays the rent.

In Denver and California commercial retail property owners have found that "pot dispensaries" have filled vacant spaces in the down economy.

"Looking at California, the pioneer state of medical marijuana, shows how great the demand really is for medical marijuana. One study reported that Los Angeles county alone has over 800 marijuana dispensaries."

But the "high" does not last forever.

Considering pot is still illegal, it may be time to find another tenant.

What about a drug dealer that has $72 billion in revenue and a S&P rating of A?

This is not your back alley drug dealer. This drug dealer in on busiest corners. Has well lit parking lots. Incredible signage. Is open 24 hours an has 7,830 stores worldwide.

This drug dealer is Walgreens.

As a commercial property investor looking for long term passive income, you have to consider a Walgreens.  Walgreens typically signs 75 year leases.  Walgreens has the best locations. Walgreens leases are true triple net meaning the landlord has NO responsibilities. Absolutely none.  The owner sits back and deposits the monthly rent.

Triple Net Walgreens range from $4M to $12M and easily produce a 6%+ annual yield for an all cash purchase. Non-recourse financing is easy to obtain especially at 60% or less LTV at sub 5% interest rates which can increase the overall annual yield to 8% or better.

Here are some triple net Walgreens currently for sale around the US.  Contact TMO for more information on any of them or to set up a free no-obligation real estate investment consultation.

Walgreens NNN Real Estate For Sale

Walgreens NNN PropertyWalgreens NNN Real Estate

  • PA
  • $6,770,000
  • Cap Rate: 6.50%

Absolute-Net Lease of 75 years. "A" Credit Rating by Standard and Poors.

walgreens real estateWalgreens NNN Property

  • OK
  • $4,950,000
  • 6.61% cap rate

Located in the Oklahoma City MSA, Investment grade tenant, Over 22 years remain on lease, Adjacent to I-40 interchange

walgreens investmentWalgreens Triple Net Property

  • FL
  • $10,915,000
  • Cap Rate 6%

Rare rent increase, absolute NNN lease, daily traffic count exceeds 44,500

walgreens net leasedWalgreens Triple Net Real Estate

  • FL
  • $3,304,000
  • 5.75%

75 years simple Ground lease, irreplaceable corner location

walgreens NNN for saleWalgreens Net Leased Property

  • IL
  • $5,578,000
  • 7.35%

Established Walgreens Location Operating Since 1957. 60 Years Lease - Strong Store Sales. Less than One-Mile from Advocate Trinity Hospital.

Great NNN real estate.

Contact TMO about these NNN Walgreens. Toll free 1.866.539.1777 or e-mail.

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